is healthy with a long life expectancy
displays to a high degree all the breed characteristics
enjoys working and learning
shows no signs of nervousness, therefore is friendly and confident
physically complies with the breed standard

Ideally, a Toller should also be playful, active, hardy, intelligent, self-assured, well balanced, attached to its master, gentle and yet full of energy.

It is the aim of our kennel to breed as closely as possible to this ideal.

Good character is, in our opinion, the top priority. For this reason, emphasis is put on:

Excellent breeding stock
Meticulous breeding conditions
Good socialisation of the puppies

The distinctive signs of an Objibwa's Toller are therefore a kind and confident character AND excellent type, true to the standard.
As our Tollers are full of temperament, they are much more than simply loving "pets". They are well suited to all forms of canine sports and also provide valuable assistance in many fields, e.g.

Avalanche rescue
Mountain rescue
Re-Dog (natural disaster rescue)
Therapy dogs

and, of course, they are keen hunting companions:

hardy decoy dogs
tireless retrievers
trustworthy specialists in game-tracking

We give preference to future puppy buyers that are willing to develop these natural aptitudes in their dog. A happy Toller is a Toller that works!